Bluegum : There are over 700 varieties of eucalyptus, and more than 40 of these are to be found in South Africa. They are commonly called ‘bluegum’ and grow relatively uncontrolled across the country. This wood is extremely hard and durable.

Oak : Though northern hemisphere oak trees have been grown here for centuries, the best oak wood is imported as lumber.

Poplar : Most poplar wood in South Africa is derived from the American Cottonwood tree, which grows wild in wet locations. Its light colour supports decorative use.

Yellowwood : Slow growing indigenous tree with lustrous colour and smooth texture. Similar to imported yew wood.

Stinkwood : The dark colour of this prized wood contrasts attractively with the predominantly lighter tones of other hardwoods. When freshly cut, it has an unpleasant smell.

Wild olive : Distantly related to the commercial olive tree, this is one of the most attractive woods of indigenous origin.

Railway sleeper wood : Usually made from jarrah, karri or oak, these heavy, dense hardwoods are discarded timber from their original use as cross ties stabilizing railway tracks. Used as furniture, this wood will last for centuries.


Oregon Pine : Also known as Douglas Fir, this imported wood is the most widely used commercial timber in the world.

SA Pine : Pinus radiata is grown widely in South Africa and has a multitude of uses. Its soft wood does not support long life or hard treatment.