Procedure: How it works

1. Desire

You have a fancy to have something personal and original to be made for you from wood, from real trees and branches

2. Choice and Virtual Showroom

This website is a guide book. Space limits the visual display of Faf’s creations. We can only show you examples of the craftsman’s work. Where you see prices, please note that this is what the original purchaser paid (another time, another place).

Please look for something that describes what you have in mind.

3. Selection

Email or call Faf to discuss your ideas. All of the relevant details are in the ‘Contact us’ page

4. Quote and Drawing 

Faf will provide you with both

5. Approval

6. Production and Payment

7. Shipping / Installation or Collection



This the essence of bespoke woodcraft, something that is made for your wishes and needs, and no other. Faf and Richard can make what you want, fast, efficiently and rewarding. No short cuts, no second bests. This is wood to shape your life for lifetimes.



Wooden floors spring gently to your step, there is no more rewarding feeling. Once, all of the great floors of the world were made from wood. These were temporarily replaced by concrete, linoleum, carpets and other synthetics.



Faf can make a wooden home or extension from logs, American weatherboard or fitted planking. You can also have wooden external bathrooms and shower cubicles as well as viewing decks, swimming pool décor and platforms.

  • Complete wooden house, from multistorey to multi-bedroom, to wendy house
  • Log cabin, plank or American weatherboard
home furniture


There are thousand items in every house that can be made from real wood. If you have ever sat in a real rocking chair, made by a master, you will realize that the human body has no need for cushions.

Please scan through the portfolio galley of furniture made by Faf and team over the last 20 years, These are all Faf originals made especially for someone like you. When you provide your own specifications, number, size, height and weight dimensions, Faf will design something that fits your every desire.

  • All inclusive kitchen
    When made from real hardwood, cupboards, tables, cutting surfaces, chopping blocks, hanging shelves, cooking and refrigerator units will all provide a lifetime or two of trouble free service.
  • Dining tables, chairs
  • Coffee tables
  • Bar
  • Beds


We create Pallets to suit your needs. These are readily available for you.



From Furniture to bespoke artworks, let Faf know what you like…

  • Desks
  • Board room tables and chairs
  • Wall cabinets and display
  • Paneling


Outdoor wooden structures should always be made from treated hardwood. You can have shelters, wendy houses, tree houses, dining and sleeping quarters that are safe, secure, welcoming and able to last several lifetimes, made from wood by Faf and Richard.

  • Farm / Vineyard / Orchard Poles
  • Garden Benches
  • Hothouses
  • Dog Kennels
  • All Fencing, Pergolas and Exposed Woodwork