Faf Smuts fashions and shapes wood to become part of your life. He prefers to work with hardwood. He makes life-enhancing items that will last for generations.

Every one is a hand-made original. Bespoke means that it is made to fit your personality and your space. Faf’s signature and a number is on every crafted item – from a ring for your finger to a complete wooden home.

If it can be imagined, Faf can make it...

Browse this website. This is the only showroom. Please remember that the pictures that you see are a selection of items that were made for someone else. As there is no stock, these pictures are there as a guide. The same goes for the prices that accompany many of the concept gallery pictures. The price for your object will be decided between you and Faf.

Meet Faf :

“Twelve years old Faffie Smuts told his mother that one day he would make beautiful furniture from wood and that in time he would own a sawmill. He also told this to the careers adviser at school.”

Meet Richard :

“At that stage the sawmill side of the company was quite small but a good platform for me. Uncle Francois was the best thing that could happen to me.  Furniture maker of the best quality and attention to his fine detail.  Really a woodwhisperer.”